The Connection Between Plant in Office and Happiness 

Humans have this innate desire to be connected to the environment. So then, why are our workplaces stripped of plants? Studies have shown that adding some greenery in the form of indoor plants can have significant positive benefits to the employees and the organization. 


Things that can liven up your office

Many ways in which you can liven up your quiet, dreary office. Some of them include, 

1. Coffee

2. Plants 

3. Food treats 

4. Stationery 

5. Artwork 

6. Personalization 

7. Music 


How can plants make your office a better working place?

There are several waysplants can prove to be beneficial for your workplace. Aside from adding beauty to the place, plants are capable of providing much more than that. The connection between plants and happiness is incredible. Several more reasons that justify plants in the office include: 

1. They help to reduce stress

Previous studies have shown significant reductions in workers' workplace stress after buildings introduced plants. In addition, One plant per workspace can promote staff spirits and promote well-being. 

2. They help to increase productivity

Adding just one plant per square meter helped with memory retention, and therefore, employees scored higher on various tests. In addition, with the presence ofplants in the office, employees can focus more and work more. 

3. Decrease in health issues of employees 

Plants are a source of freshness and positivity. With reduced stress and increased positivity, employees tend to be happy and have fewer health problems due to breathingfresh air. 

4. They make workplaces more attractive to job applicants

 Beautiful indoor plants in their evergreen colors tend to light up your workplace in a second. In Addition,  The presence of beautiful plants in the office can elevate the standard of the office and ensure a peaceful working environment. 

5. To tend to decrease the noise level

Plants tend to absorb noises so that you can avoid background office chatters in the presence of plants.


The connection between plants and happiness 

An office devoid of pictures and plants is considered the most toxic space. Psychologists believe that workers perform better in the presence of household plants. Studies have shown that employees work 15% better when beautiful plants surround their workplace. 

If you work in an environment where something keeps you psychologically engaged, you are happier and work better. Adding a little plant to your table can boost your performance drastically. We are programmed to work in an environment with light and greenery. However, we have removed these two from our lives as we live in houses and work in closed office buildings, but adding a little greenery to your office can do the trick and make you happier and more productive. 

We are happier in the presence of plants because it provides us with clean air. Plants naturally filter indoor air pollution, thus, making our spaces cleaner and more habitable. For example, the Dracaena plant can absorb 92% of the acetone from the air. On the other hand, the Bromeliad plants can absorb 80% of the other volatile compounds. 

Office plantscan promote a calm and relaxing environment. In addition, active interaction with indoor plants can reduce your stress significantly and suppress the sympathetic nervous system, thereby promoting soothing feelings. 

Impact on happiness

Office plants can impart happiness by boosting our memory, cognition, and focus. You know an interesting fact: green is the most easily perceived color by the human eye. So just seeing certain green chemicals in your brain gets unlocked, which can help you focus more and boost your mood. 

Studies have shown that indoor plants help prevent conditions like fatigue during attention-demanding work and boost your concentration levels to a great extent. Also, plants promote quieter work environments by absorbing background noises, as mentioned earlier. 

Plants with broad leaves can help regulate the humidity and calm your nerves just by their presence. In addition, plants are the most inexpensive way to jazz up the most boring rooms. They have an aesthetic appeal to them. Finding the most appropriate plant for your work environment can solve all your problems and make you much happier than before. 



Plants are a constant, most affordable source of happiness that has hundreds of advantages when added to your workplace. You need to make your office green by adding some fresh greenery and seeing the difference in your workers' performance in just 24 hours. 

The connection between plants and happiness is incredible and beyond anyone's understanding. They can be an effective booster in workplaces as they promote a healthy work environment and provide fresh air free of cost. Imagine having a tiring day at work. Then you see a beautiful indoor plant at your desk in an elegant pot. Your day just got better, isn't it? That is the magic of plants. Mere presence can generate the amount of positivity that none of us can.  

You should add plants in your office without any second thoughts if you want to remove all the toxins in the air and the people in your office.