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Online cake delivery in Durgapur

Cakes are kids' favorite, be it any type or flavor of cake, But chocolate cake has the aura to steal their hearts. If they could, they could have cakes all the time. And to send their favorite cake, you can use our online cake delivery in Durgapur. MyFlowerGift offers the best quality cakes for our customers, as all our cakes are collected from the best cake shops in Durgapur. Our store has an extensive collection of cakes from regular to classy, vanilla flavor to decadent choco delight, and many more varieties of cakes. Choose one as per your preference. You can also choose our cake combo options like cake with flowers, Chocolates, teddies, fruit baskets, dry fruit platter, plants, etc. Some of our best seller combos are "Cake and Chocolates plants flowers," "Flower and cake," "cake and plant," etc. Please select one, place your order, and get online cake delivery in Durgapur.

We have been cutting cakes on birthdays, new year celebrations, etc. But now the demand for cake has increased, for every small and big celebration, people like to celebrate it by cutting a cake. Be it a wedding, engagement party, housewarming, baby shower, promotion celebration, or success party. And sometimes even to convey messages like "I miss you, "I am sorry, "etc. These lovely cakes represent our love, warmth, care & affection towards the one receiving the cake. Cakes are a show stopper of every party and are everyone's favorite, irrespective of age and gender. If you are skeptical of sending a gift to your upset girlfriend, send her a cute heart-shaped cake with chocolate & flowers., and it is all done. So let's send cakes to your loved ones through our Online cake delivery in Durgapur.

We have emerged as the best online cake delivery in Durgapur. And we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our customers. We keep ourselves updated with changing customer tastes and market trends. And based on that, we regularly update our cake flavor and design. Our cakes are always freshly baked and are timely delivered to the designated location in time. Our delivery team worked hard to reach each nook and corner of Durgapur to deliver the cake. Hence you can easily  Send fresh cake to any part of Durgapuronly through our online portal.

 Same day cake delivery in Durgapur

We always care for our customers and will be there for them whenever they need us. So, whether you forgot to preorder cake for your sister's birthday or your marriage anniversary? We are always for your rescue in this challenging situation. Now through our same day cake delivery in Durgapur, it is easier to send cake the same day you have placed your order. So try our same day cake delivery in Durgapur, and relish the memories for a lifetime.

Types of cakes we deliver in Durgapur

We offer a vivid range of cakes for our customers in distinguished flavors & designs. They are also available in different sizes, i.e., from half kg to eight kg and more. The starting price of a cake in our store is Rs 699, and the highest it goes is around Rs.13 600. Select as per your budget and preference and order it. We guarantee to deliver your cake on time.

Different types of cake that we offer are

  • Photo cakes: One can find a striking designs of photo cakes in our online portal. You can select among different photo cakes available online. Or can also customize it as per your preferences.
  • Kid Cakes:Some of our best-selling kid's cakes to send in Durgapur are Disney kids cake, barbie kids cake, princess kids cake, Chota bheem kids cake, alphabet kids cake, numbers kids cake, etc
  • Theme Cakes: These cakes are made based on some themes such as women's day theme, father's day theme, wedding themes, valentine's day theme, etc.
  • Eggless cakes: Eggless cakes are the perfect substitute for regular cakes with eggs. Instead of eggs, buttermilk, curd, etc., give it the same consistency and flavor.
  • Premium cakes: These are rich and classy cakes send on a special occasion. Our premium cakes are “tier cakes,” “designer cakes,” “wedding cakes,” etc.

Different Flavours of Cakes we deliver in Durgapur

Apart from the celebration, Cakes are also a beautiful way of expressing our feelings to our loved ones. Who does not love a delicious soft cake? Our delicious cakes are the best gifting option for Someone you love, be it your cute princess, your sister, your mother, or your wife. Choose one and send them on any of their birthdays or other special days. Everyone loves cake, but there is a differences in flavors. Some love vanilla, some chocolate, and some like to have cheesecake and some strawberry cake. But don't worry because we have stocked all flavors of cakes for you. Some of our top-selling cake flavors are :

  • Black Forest Cake:-Black forest cake is a dark chocolate cake. Dark cocoa powder is used instead of light cocoa powder to get that intense color. This cake is made by filling chocolate layers with a mixture of cream, chocolate chips & cherries chunks. Its specialty is that it is covered with chocolate scrapings. Here, the chocolate sponge is layered with buttercream or whipped cream & cherries.
  • Chocolate Cake: It is available in different varieties like chocolate ganache cake, choco delight cake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate mousse cake, etc.
  • Mix Fruit: Fruit cakes are made of vanilla-flavored cakes filled and frosted with cream & fruit. And later, fruit chunks are decorated on top of the cake.
  • Red Velvet Cake: let's know why it is called red velvet cake because its base is red. It is a light chocolate cake made with cocoa powder. It is filled & frosted with cream cheese. And the cake crumbs are stuck to the cake.
  • Pineapple Cake: Pineapple cake has a little tangy flavor. Because of tiny pineapple chunks. Pineapple crush and pineapple pieces are mixed with whipped cream to fill the cake layers.
  • Butterscotch Cake: We offer varieties of butterscotch cake like" butterscotch cool premium cake, "butterscotch chocolate cake, "butterscotch caramel cake, "etc.
  • Strawberry Cake: We offer you the best strawberry cakes in Durgapur. Some of our top strawberry cakes are "strawberry cheesecake," "strawberry fresh cream cake, "strawberry chocolate cake," etc.

Midnight cake delivery in Durgapur

Midnight celebration is always closest to our heart as we celebrate it with only those we love a lot. Be it our family or friends. And receiving a cake in the wee hours of the night has a different experience altogether. Our online portal also provides midnight cake delivery in Durgapur.If you also wish to greet Someone at midnight, please order cake online only through our online portal, mention the exact delivery time, and we will deliver your surprise at the designated location.

Birthday cake delivery in Durgapur

A birthday cake sent by our loved ones always holds a special position in our hearts. And thus, to make your loved one's day special, we have brought a vast collection of cakes in different sizes and flavors. Designs and themes. Choose one as per your preference, budget, and occasion. E.g., a heart-shaped cake can be sent on your girlfriend's or wife's birthday. A fruit cake can be perfect for your fruit-loving mom. A chocolate alphabet theme cake can be the best cake for your little munchkin. Etc. So for any birthday in your friend & family. Please visit our online portal and send a birthday cake through us. Place your order from our store, and we will help you deliver it to the designated location.


Order customized cake in Durgapur

We provide a wide variety of cakes for our customers., from regular, eggless, sugar-free, etc., to a designer, tier cake, theme based, and many more. We also offer custom-made cakes like Pinnata cake, Photo cake, tier cake, fondant cake, and even custom-made wedding cake. We are delighted to deliver all types of cakes in Durgapur. You can even get it customized by ordering combo options like "cake, flowers Chocolates & plants," "cake & Flower," or "cake, Flower & Cake," "cake, plant & chocolate," "cake & chocolate," "cake, soft toys, flowers & chocolate," etc. And to order something more exclusive, you can order "Cakes, flowers, customized photo cups/ cushions, assorted Chocolates, dry fruits platter, etc.". So whatever be your demand, we have cakes for everyone. If you haven't tried our luxury cakes in Durgapuryet, try them once through Online Cake delivery in Durgapur and fall in love with them.

Our top 10 recommended cakes are:

Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Cake

Butterscotch Cake

Mix Fruit Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Pineapple Cake

Black Forest Cake

Vanilla Cake

White Forest Cake

Black Currant Cake

Order Cakes Online in Durgapur for any special occasions

We have cakes for every occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, valentines days, baby showers, father's day, mother's day, festivals, etc. Different cakes depict different emotions; a heart-themed cake can be a perfect gift for Valentine's day or anniversary. A giant white floral tier cake is lovely for wedding or engagement parties, and A baby shower theme cake for newborn occasions. So choose any cake as per the occasion and send it through Online cake delivery in Durgapur.

 Some occasions where one can send a cake are:

  • Cakes for Birthday: Some of our top-rated birthday cakes are Princess theme cakes for girls, Spiderman theme cakes for boys, etc.
  • Cakes for anniversary: One can explore all types and flavors of anniversary cake on our online portal. Our best-selling anniversary cakes are "heart-shaped chocolate truffle cake," "heart-shaped red velvet cheese cream," etc.
  • Cakes for Wedding Day:We are the leader in delivering premium and luxury cakes in Durgapur.So to make your loved one's day special, please get your anniversary cakes through order online cake delivery in Durgapur
  • Cakes for Engagement: You can also order a custom-made engagement cake for wishing your loved ones. Here you can customize the cake as per your preferences, like a photo cake of the couple.
  • Cakes for a Baby shower:To wish your near & dear ones on the arrival of their bundle of joy, becoming new parents, you can send them beautiful and yummy baby shower cakes, like "baby shower theme cake in chocolate truffle flavor.
  • Cakes for Congratulations:It is better to send a cake with a beautiful flower bouquet to congratulate someone.
  • Cakes for Thank you:And for thanking someone, you can send a cake from our online portal with a thank you note.
  • Cakes for Valentine's Day: We offer all types and flavors of valentine's Day cake, but the best cake we recommend for your partner could be a 1 kg red velvet cake with 100 red roses, 1 feet teddy bear, and a valentine day greeting card.

Some of our top 10 recommended cakes are: "Heart-shaped red velvet cake," "Chocolate explosion cake," "heart-shaped Mixed fruit cake," "Doremon theme cake," "heart theme cake," and "Death by chocolate premium cake, "Chocolate bonanza cake," etc. So, Order your favourite cake todayonly through MyFlowerGift.

Now you can send cake to any part of Durgapur

Our online cake delivery holds a vast collection of cakes. We provide cakes all over Durgapur. We take utmost care to deliver the cake to each nook and corner of Durgapur. So anyone who wants to send a cake in Durgapur and is googling a good cake shop near me,please visit our website and place your order. We are the best online cake delivery in Durgapur, and we assure you that you will revert to us after your first order. So let's send cake to Durgapur through our online cake delivery.

Why choose us as your cake delivery partner in Durgapur

There are several reasons for choosing us as your cake delivery service. Let's have a look.

  • MyFlowerGift offers cakes for everyone under all economic ranges.
  • We offer you cakes in different cake segments like "cake by type, "cake by flavor," "cake by occasion," "Cake combo, "theme cake, "kids cake," etc.
  • Apart from regular cakes, we also offer eggless cake, sugar-free cake, vegan cake, etc., because we care for everyone.
  • Our cakes are freshly baked, and we always choose the best cake shops in Durgapur to collect our cakes. We also ensure that only quality ingredients are used to make the cakes we deliver to our customers.
  • We offer both custom-made and customized cakes to our customers. And for our customer’s safety we provide them a safe and secure payment gateway transaction platform. It is also user-friendly and can be accessed by even a lame man.

So everyone residing in Durgapur, searching for online cake delivery near me, Please look no further than MyFlowerGift.


Q1)Is it possible to make same-day delivery of Cakes in Durgapur?

A) We are already providing the same-day cake delivery option. If you want to send a cake the same day, place your order from Online Cake Delivery in Durgapur, and we will deliver the cake the same day to the designated address.

Q2)What is the company refund policy if the cake gets damaged?

A) Our company takes care while delivering your cake in good condition. But still, if it gets damaged, we will try to replace it or refund your amount to your bank account within a specific time period.

Q3)Do you deliver cakes all across Durgapur?

A) We deliver throughout the Durgapur area from central to remote locations. So without worrying about the delivery, please place your order through us.

Q4)Do you deliver cakes on holidays?

A)Yes, we deliver cakes all seven days of the week irrespective of Holidays, Sundays, and public holidays because we know that customers need us more on these days.

 Q5)Do you deliver Eggless cakes?

A) Yes, we deliver eggless cakes also in vivid flavor and designs. So to get eggless cakes online in Durgapur, please order cakes only through MyFlowerGift.